It is composed of high density particleboard cores and multiple layers of thermalset resin impregnated sheets that are molded in hydraulic presses under controlled heat and high pressure into sheets of varying thickness and density.


Starting with squash court wall design, it is important to come up with a concept that ensures best possible playing characteristics (no joints, flat and absolutely even surface) along with as little noise as possible, using material that is sustainable and offers best quality for the next 20 to 30 years. At ASB, we have reached this aim by combing all three factors. Using the large prefabricated elements is not only speeding up the installation process. Its main advantage is a solid squash court wall structure with the entire front wall and side wall each only consisting of three large pieces. There are no visible joints and the result is one big even and flat surface for consistent playing characteristics in all areas of the squash court wall.

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